First we are going to create a Trust Wallet. Which allows us to buy cryptocurrencies.



Next we will buy Ethereum Coins inside of our Trust Wallet App.

STEP 3.a:


This set we will set up an Exchange Account with Binances.US. This will allow us to sell our tokens for U.S. Dollars.

STEP 3.b:


Now you are ready to withdraw funds to your bank account.



Setting Up a Trust Wallet - Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to set up a trust wallet so you can buy Saitama tokens.

Go to the Apple Store on an iPhone or the Google Play Store on an Android. To search for the app, type in “trust wallet.” Download the app called Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet.

Open up Trust Wallet and then click the create a new wallet button.

Read through the privacy policies, as well as the terms and services. Click the checkbox at the bottom, then click the blue continue.

Click the “I understand” checkbox button and then hit continue.

Write down your recovery phrase on a piece of paper in the exact order they appear on your screen, as they have little numbers next to them. Make sure to keep this piece of paper very safe; you could put it in a fireproof safe.

DO NOT copy and paste this anywhere.

Never share this recovery phrase with anyone; store it securely. Add the phrase to your will or your trust, so your loved ones can actually get in and get your coins if something ever happens.

Click the continue button at the bottom.

To verify your recovery phrases, tap the words in the order you wrote them down. Then, click the blue button to continue.

The next message should show you that your wallet was successfully created. Click OK and then enable push notifications.

In the top right hand corner, click the blue icon that has two circles with lines running behind them.

To set up the tokens that you are managing, type in “Saitama” into the search box that pops up.

Hit the toggle button next to Saitama Inu, then click done. It will now show up as one of the tokens that you’re managing.

In the bottom right hand corner, click on settings.

Once in settings, go to security, which is the second option from the top. Hit the toggle to create an app lock. Enter a passcode and then enter it a second time to confirm.

Click on the auto lock option and select “if away for 1 minute.”

Go to lock method next. Select whatever option you prefer.

Turn on the transaction signing toggle.

Back out of settings and go to preferences, which is the fourth option from the top. Make sure the currency is set to USD, then back out of there.

Hit the wallet icon in the bottom left hand corner. This takes you back to the initial wallet screen.


Add Funds to Trust Wallet - Tutorial

How to buy Saitama through Trust Wallet.

1.  Buy Ethereum

Open up the Trust Wallet app. At the top of the screen, click the blue buy icon.

Type “Ethereum” into the search box. Select Ethereum and not Ethereum Classic. Since Saitama is built on Ethereum’s blockchain, you need to buy Ethereum to get Saitama.

Then, type in the amount that you want to buy and click next.

Enter your email address, click done and then click continue.

Check your email for a verification code.

Go back to Trust Wallet and enter the code.

Check off the terms of service box and the notification box, then click continue.

Fill in all of the information boxes on the screen, then hit the black continue button.

Now, fill out your address and tap continue.

Type in your cellphone number and click continue.

Check your text messages for a verification code, which you will enter into the box in Trust Wallet. Then, hit the continue button to move to the next step.

Next, click to upload a photo of the front of your driver’s license. You will have the option to redo the picture or confirm that everything is visible.

The same thing needs to be done with the back side of your license.

After that, allow to access the camera. Take a selfie, making sure that your face is in the oval. Click confirm.

Once it verifies your identity, it you’ll be able to set up your payment method. Hit the dropdown arrow.

Click to add a new payment method and choose Credit/Debit card. Fill in all of your information, then hit continue at the bottom.

Type in your card’s number, expiration date, and security code, which is the three digit number on the back. Click continue when done.

Agree to the Terms of Use and click the Buy Now button.

Then, choose to verify through either text or email before hitting next.

Check your messages/email for the code and enter it in. Click the blue verify button. The transaction is now being processed, which may take a while. You can close out of the app at any time, as the number at the top of the main wallet screen will update when everything has gone through.

2.  Swap Ethereum for Saitama

Go to your browser and type in “” and go to the website where you can click a pink button to launch the app.

Then, select the Connect to Wallet option at the top of the screen.

Choose WalletConnect.

Then, click the Trust Wallet icon.

Make sure Main Wallet appears as the option in the middle of the screen, then press connect.

This will bring you to the Trust Wallet app, as Uniswap is now connected.

Go back to your browser and you will see that Connect to Wallet shows your wallet number instead.

Click on the gear/settings symbol and change the slippage tolerance to 3%. Hit somewhere in the open space above to back out of the settings.

Then, click on the word Max below the Ethereum logo.

Go to Select a Token.

Type “Saitama” into the search box. Choose the option with Saitama Inu written below the name in smaller text. (Do NOT select BabySaitama)

Then, hit the blue swap button.

Click to confirm the swap. You may have to accept a price update first.

Select Open to go to the Trust app.

Then, hit confirm. The swap might take a moment to go through. Sometimes you may get a message that there isn’t enough Ethereum to cover the network fees.  If this happens just go back into Uniswap and make an adjustment to the Ethereum you are trading for Saitama; instead of selecting max, change the number to be a bit lower.

Click on Saitama Inu to check if it updated.

You should eventually see that you have Saitama tokens.

STEP 3.a.:

Binance.US Set Up - Tutorial

How to set up a Binance.US Exchange, so you can sell Saitama and put cash into your bank account.

Note: Binance.US isn’t compatible if you live in Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, New York, Texas, or Vermont.

Go to the App Store on an iPhone or the Google Play Store on an Android. Type “Binance.US” into the search box. Download the app and then open it.

Select the Ask App Not to Track option, then allow notifications.

Click the option at the bottom of the screen to sign up.

Create an account with an email address and a password. Then, hit the box to confirm that you are over 18. Once you’re finished, click the yellow register button.

Slide the circle with the three green lines over to complete the puzzle.

Now, go check your email for a verification code and enter it in the app.

Hit the let’s do it button.

Type in your phone number and you’ll receive another verification code to enter. Click next and then the great button.

Press let’s do it a second time to finish the final step of verifying your identity.

Fill in your name, gender, date of birth, confirm, tax ID, and social security number. When everything is filled out, click the yellow next button.

Then, type in your address and hit confirm.

Read the agreements and accept when finished.

Now, click on the arrow to provide a driver’s license — a state ID, passport, and visa are also accepted via their corresponding arrows.

Allow Binance.US to access your camera. Tap continue and then line up your license for it to automatically take a picture. Hit confirm or retake the photo if necessary.

Click continue and then scan the barcode on the back of your license.

Hit continue again to take a selfie. Make sure your face is within the oval that appears on screen.

Click the yellow button at the bottom. Now, your information is being reviewed and may take a moment to go through.

STEP 3.b.:

Trust Wallet Withdraw - Tutorial

How to sell your Saitama and put cash into your bank account.

1.   Swap Saitama for Ethereum

Open up the Trust Wallet app, the white one with the blue shield. You may have a face recognition or passcode step.

Then, go to an internet browser. Type in “” and go to the website. Click on the pink button to launch the app.

Select the Connect to Wallet option at the top of the screen.

Choose WalletConnect, which will connect your trust wallet to Uniswap.

Next, click on the gear/settings symbol and make sure the slippage tolerance is set to 3%. Hit somewhere in the open space above to back out of the settings.

Press the Ethereum logo and type “Saitama” into the search box. If there’s a blue import button beside it, you’ll need to import that token first. (Do NOT select BabySaitama.)

Select Saitama and then hit the word max that’s in brackets.

Click on the number in the top right of the swap panel and change it to the amount of tokens you want to withdraw. It may need to be less than max to account for the fees that are charged for the transaction.

Hit the blue Select a Token button. Choose ETH from the options that appear.

Click the button to swap and then confirm the swap.

Go back into Trust Wallet and tap on Ethereum.

Now you will see the smart contract call from today. Tap on that.

The smart contract call shows the status as completed. Click on View on Block Explorer.

That status of the transaction is Success. Tap done in the top left hand corner.

Click back in the top left and then click back again. The amount of Saitama will be lower and the Ethereum has gone up.


2.   Send Ethereum with Binance.US

Open Binance.US.

At the bottom of the screen, click on the folder-like icon in the middle.

Hit the grey deposit button.

Choose Ethereum from the list provided — not Ethereum Classic — and click OK to proceed.

Copy the wallet address by tapping the pages icon in the bottom right hand corner.

Go back to Trust Wallet and click on the blue send button.

Select Ethereum, then paste the wallet address into the recipient address box. Then select done.

In the box below, type in the amount of Ethereum that you want to send in dollars.

Click the word Max beside your amount.

Play with the ETH amount until the dollar approximation, which appears below the panel, is close to what you wanted.

Hit done and then the blue next button at the bottom of the screen.

Review the information before pressing confirm.  You may be prompted for a passcode, thumbprint, or facial recognition.

Click on Ethereum and you’ll be able to see your transfer. Clicking on the transfer will show you whether it is pending or completed.

Once it shows completed, hit the View on Block Explorer option. This will take you to Etherscan.

Next to status, it should show success.

Tap done in the top left hand corner.

Go back to Binance and hit the X, then the back arrow at the top of the screen.

Refresh this page by pulling down and letting go. The money you transferred should pop up soon.


3.   Sell Ethereum for US Dollars

Click on the yellow icon with the arrows in the top right hand corner and choose Sell Crypto.

Select Ethereum, then press the Sell All option.

Click the pink preview sell button and confirm sell. Your sell order should now be in progress.

Tap okay and then wait for your confirmation email to arrive.

The Fiat Balances will change when the sale has gone through.

4.   Send US Dollars to Your Bank Account

Go to the withdraw button and select US Dollar.

Tap Max and all of the funds should appear. If you don’t wish to send everything to your bank account, you can type in the amount you want.

Click the yellow button to preview your withdrawal.

Review the information presented, then hit withdraw.

An authentication code will be sent to you. Type that in.

The withdrawal is now pending. Go to your email, as you will receive a confirmation email from Prime Trust. Click on the Confirm Disbursement button in the email.

Tap the button to confirm and verify.

Return to the Binance app and press the yellow button at the bottom.

The following page will show your transaction history with the withdraw you just made. Your available balance will reflect the withdraw as well.

Click the back arrow in the top left hand corner.

Refresh the page, then go back into the Fiat Balances.

Tap on the USD withdraw option. The status may say that it is pending. Once it changes from pending to complete, the money will have gone into your bank account.