First we are going to create an account on the Coinbase exchange. Which allows us to buy and sell crypto.



Next will set up the Coinbase Wallet to ensure our funds are secured, and be able to buy Saitama Tokens.



Once you have Coinbase and the Wallet set up you are ready to buy Saitama Tokens.



This video walks you through how to send your funds to your bank account whenever you want.



Coinbase Set Up - Tutorial

How to set up Coinbase.

Go to the Apple Store or the Google Play Store and type “Coinbase” into the search box.

Three different ones should show up — Coinbase Trade, Coinbase Wallet, and Coinbase Pro. Download Coinbase Trade.

Open up the app and click the get started button at the bottom.

Create your account by filling in all of the information prompts. Once that’s done, click the little box to certify that you’re 18 years or older. Then, hit the blue button create an account.

Go to your inbox just to verify your email. Open the email sent to you by Coinbase and click to verify the email address.

A new screen should pop up in the app; hit the continue button that appears.  Following that, you will have to select the start button that appears at the bottom.  Then continue, again, a blue button at the bottom.

The next screen will be a two-step verification.  Enter in your phone number, then enter the seven-digit authentication code that it sends to your phone. If the code doesn’t come through right away, choose the option to resend the code.

Choose your citizenship and then select continue.

Click all of the blue buttons at the bottom again, which will lead you to a screen to enter in your personal information.

Once your legal name, home address, date of birth, and the last four digits of your social have been filled in, hit continue. 

Enter your email address, then click done.

Fill in your address and continue to the next screen.

Choose investing from the list provided, then select your primary source of funds.

Pick your employment status. Choose whichever trading bracket best suites you.

Find which industry you work in from the list provided. Select it.

Now your account is verified and you can fund it. 

Click the let’s go button and then the continue button to confirm Coinbase can use a company called Plaid to connect Coinbase to your bank account.

Select or search for your bank. Type in the username and password for your bank account and hit submit. 

Choose an option to verify your identity via text message or email and click continue. 

Type in the code you received, then hit the submit button.

Now, choose which bank account you want to connect to Coinbase and click continue.

Select turn on notifications. Click allow, which will give you access to Coinbase.


Coinbase Wallet Set Up - Tutorial

How to set up your Coinbase Wallet.

On an iPhone go to the App Store or on Android go to the Google Play Store. Type in Coinbase. Select “Coinbase Wallet”.

After it’s downloaded click open. To create a new wallet, select the big blue button at the bottom.

Read the terms and services and the privacy policy and then click accept.

Select a user name and write it down.  Do not copy it.  This information should never be on a clipboard, a Google Doc, a Microsoft Word Doc, or anywhere on a computer.  Write it on a piece of paper and ensure you keep it in a safe place.

After selecting a user name that is available, clicks “done”.

The next step is to set the privacy preferences. This can be set to “public” as it allows one to send and receive money with the wallet.  If someone was trying to get into it unauthorized, they would need the passphrases that come up in one of the next steps of this tutorial.

After selecting public, click on “next”.

The next step is to protect the wallet with a layer of security to keep the crypto safe. Select whichever option you prefer that your phone offers – Face ID, passcode.

The next thing is to back up the wallet.  Click on the box and then select “Back up now”.

In this next step, you will see a secret recovery phase. Write this down exactly as it is presented to you.  It’s very important to write this down rather than copy it.


Never ever copy and paste or store this on your computer or phone.

After writing down the words in the EXACT order they appear, select “back up manually”.



Select “next”.

The next screen is going to prompt you to click on your recovery words in the correct order.  After doing this, select “done” at the bottom of the screen.


Coinbase Fund Wallet - Tutorial

How to buy Saitama.


Step 1: Buy Ethereum which is a Crypto coin. Saitama is built on Ethereum’s Blockchain, which is why we have to buy it first.

Step 2: Send those funds to your wallet.

Step 3: Swap Ethereum for Saitama.


Step 1: Buy Ethereum

Click into the Coinbase App.

Click on the icon at the very bottom in the middle which is a blue circle that has two arrows going in different directions.

Then select “Buy Crypto with cash”.

Search for and select “Ethereum”.  Do not choose Ethereum Classic.

Enter the amount of Ethereum you wish to purchase. Then select the account that you want to use for payment or add a payment method. When adding a payment method you will be prompted for address, card number, expiry, etc. 

The Bank Account option is best for large transfers.  Note the time frame it takes for the money to be available to continue with purchasing Saitama.

The next step is to verify two pending transactions. If there are more than two, enter in the two largest amounts.  Don’t worry, these transactions will be canceled.

You will need to check your bank account for the two transactions.

Enter the amount of the first one and the second one, then tap Verify Card. Then select done.

Now you can come back to the screen that allows you to buy Ethereum in the amount you want to purchase and then proceed to pay with the method you’ve just verified.  Then select the “preview buy” down at the bottom of the screen.

The order preview that shows up will have the option for you to confirm that you wish to “Buy now”.  (Note that you do have the option to set up weekly buying.)

After this transaction has gone through, you are able to select “Show Details” and you will see a confirmation of the details you reviewed before making your purchase. From here you can select “Done”.

Your Ethereum balance should reflect the purchase. You can then click on this.

By selecting the Ethereum Wallet on the next screen you are then able to see the history of your purchases.


Step 2:  Send Funds to Wallet

Open up your Coinbase Wallet.

Now select “Buy or transfer” in the middle of the screen and then “Buy or Transfer from Coinbase” at the bottom.

Choose the Ether Wallet.

On the next screen you can choose the value of the funds you wish to move from Coinbase to the Coinbase Wallet.  You can select “max” or a certain dollar value if you don’t want to move it all.  After selecting either max or an amount, click on the blue continue button.

You’ll then see network fees and you’ll just tap confirm.

You are then texted a code. The code should populate on the screen allowing you to just tap the area where the number showed up and they will be automatically entered in the fields where required.  Then select the blue continue button.  This will initiate the transfer which may take 3 minutes.  Select done on that screen.

You can refresh this page and your balance of Ethereum should reflect the transaction.  If the amount of Ethereum hasn’t gone up yet, just keep refreshing.

This completed the transfer from Coinbase to Coinbase Wallet.


Step 3: Swap for Saitama

Have your wallet open and then open up a web browser window (Safari, Chrome, and Firefox all work great) to open up  Then click on the pink button in the bottom left hand corner to launch the app.

Select “connect to wallet” at the very top.

Now select “Open in Coinbase Wallet” and Coinbase Wallet will automatically connect.

Next to Ethereum select “max”.

Now click on the pink “select a token” button and type in Saitama. Be sure to select Siatama and NOT BabySaitama. Next to Saitama, there will be a big pink “Import” button which you need to click. (Note that the pink button isn’t showing up on this tutorial as the account in this tutorial has already imported Saitama.)

Click on the gear icon and set the slippage tolerance to 3%. Then just tap another part of the screen to close that area.

You may also need to change the amount of Ethereum you are swapping to cover the gas fee. Click on the numbers beside Ethereum to make that change if you need to. 

Now you can hit swap and then you’ll confirm swap.

You should see a waiting for confirmation message.  You may receive a message that miner fees are really high and you’ll just need to tap “Okay”. Then you need to confirm payment.

When you hit pay, you’re going to have to use you face ID, thumbprint, or passcode to confirm once again. Then you wait for the confirmation. It will say that it successfully submitted, and you can click close.

To view that the Ethereum has gone down and your Saitama has gone up, just click on the wallet in the bottom left hand corner.

Click on Saitama to see the transaction history.

And now you have Saitama token instead of Ethereum! Let’s ride this wave together and get some return on investment!


Withdraw Into Your Bank Account - Tutorial

This tutorial is to show you how to withdraw your money from Saitama into your actual bank account.

1.   Swap Saitama into Ethereum

The first thing you want to do is open up a browser, go into Safari and type in Click the little pink launch button in the bottom right hand corner that says Launch app.

Next you will tap Connect to a Wallet at the top and select Open In Coinbase Wallet.

Now what we’re going to do is select the token to convert Saitama back to Ethereum. At the top type in Saitama (NOT Baby Saitama).

Tap ‘select a token’ and change that to Ethereum and the symbol is ETH. It says Ether it has the blue icon on the left hand side.

Select the pink swap button.

Then tap confirm swap.

You will then have to do face recognition, thumb print, or a code to have the transaction submitted. Select View on Explorer and you will be taken to Etherscan.

In the middle of the screen near the bottom you will see the status where it says Success in green. That means it went through.

Then select the wallet icon on the bottom left-hand corner to go back to the wallet.  You should see that the Ethereum has increased, and the Saitama has decreased.


2.   From Coinbase Wallet to Coinbase

Go to your Coinbase and tap the icon at the bottom in the middle that is the blue circle with arrows going in different directions.

Select receive crypto from another wallet which will take you to a QR code.  You will need to tap the copy button to copy this code.

Go back to Coinbase wallet and select send in the top left-hand corner. Now select next at the bottom.  Where it says search recipient, that’s where you will paste what was just copied. (That’s the address to your Coinbase, specifically the Ethereum in Coinbase.) Tap next and then tap send.

Go to Coinbase and tap on Ethereum then tap on Ethereum Wallet. You will see it is there in your Coinbase.  Note that you may have to refresh.


3.   Sell Ethereum

To sell Ethereum, tap on the arrows Icon at the bottom of the screen and then select sell.

Then tap on Ethereum and type in the amount wanted.  Once you have completed the transaction you can click on view details and you will see your dollar amount has increased.

4.   Transfer Money to Bank/Credit Union

To transfer the money, click on the Arrows icon at the bottom of the screen. Then click the Cash In/Cash Out button at the bottom. Then tap Cash Out.

After that, you will see your banks that have been set up in the first tutorial.  Choose the bank you wish to have your cash transferred to and then type in the cash amount you want to transfer.  Click preview cash out and then click cash out.  You will then receive a text with a 7-digit number as part of a 2-step verification code.  Once that is done it may take up to thirty minutes to transfer your cash.